Top Five Friday | Fictional Worlds We’d Love To Live In

I’m sure everyone has thought about what it’d be like to live in a fictional world. I know we have at least daily. Here’s our list of the top five fictional worlds we’d love to call home!

Disclaimer: none of the images are our own. We searched and found images on a great thing we like to call the world wide web.

5. The Shire from Lord of the Rings


This is more a Katie pick than an Ashley pick, but we couldn’t make a list of fictional worlds and not include a classic. Of course, we’d only like to live in a post-ring Shire because who has time for Orcs and war?

4. Red London from A Darker Shade of Magic series



This is more an Ashley pick than a Katie one (Katie hasn’t read ADSoM, shame!). Red London is the best London because magic makes the city flourish. Also, Kell and Rhy. Need we say more?

3. Luna from the Lunar Chronicles series

lunar chronicles

Luna would be amazing to live in, but only after the events of the last book (um, no Levana please). It’d be amazing to live on the moon!

2. Velaris from A Court of Thorns and Roses series


A secret city painted with a beautiful night sky, a bustling art district, and Rhysand? Count us in!

1. Wizarding World from the Harry Potter series


And last but in no way least, Hogwarts. We all waited around for our letters, don’t try to deny it. Spells, Great Hall feasts, trips to Hogsmeade, and magical classes – what could be better? Unfortunately, we’re still muggles, but we can visit a replica at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to tide us over.

-A (5)

What fictional worlds would make it on your top five list? Let us know in the comments below!

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