Book Tag | R.I.P. It or Ship It

Hello everyone! Katie and I are massive fans of Booktube, and one of the games we have been dying to play together is R.I.P. it or Ship it created by Emmmabooks. I did this tag previously on Fictional Living, but Katie and I had yet to play together. So over some homemade chicken tortilla soup that we made (because we are clearly wifey material) we played a game of R.I.P. it or Ship it. And then we played for like an entire hour after that because we couldn’t get enough of how much fun this game is!

How you play is this: You write down 20 book characters on slips of paper and put them into a cup. Then you pick two at a time at random and that’s your couple. Now decide, do you want to R.I.P. that couple and say “no way, that would so not work out”, or do you want to ship that couple?

There are ten rounds, so let’s go!

Round 1


Guys, I can’t even tell you how hard we ship this. These two may be at each other’s throats 98% of the time, but like, it would be in such a good way. They would certainly keep one another in check. And can you just imagine the amount of sheer power between the two of them?Β This would be one beautiful, and lethal, couple.

Round 2

Rhysand (1).png

What an adorable, bookish couple this would be. These are two women who would be equal parts adoring and loving to one another, but also hell-bentΒ on goodness and change. You can’t go wrong with two strong-willed women together!

Round 3

Rhysand (2).png

This is a less enthusiastic ship, but one we would still send sailing. These two could find a great deal to relate to. Do we think it would last? No. But we do think they would have a beautiful, and kinda short, romance. One that Edward would still reminisce about when Bella is becoming too…Bella.

Round 4

Rhysand (3).png

Nope, just nope. These two would clash just way too much. We do, however, think that these two would be best friends. But never more than that.

Round 5

Rhysand (5).png

If Bella even tried, Izzy would murder her. There is no way Izzy would put up with Bella’s pathetic shit. I mean, honestly, does Izzy look like a babysitter? There probably aren’t two people we could R.I.P. more than these.

Round 6

Rhysand (6).png

We ship this one because we think Cinder and Simon would be a sweet couple. They are both very loyal to the people they care about, and that would certainly show in their relationship. We are all for this.

Round 7

Rhysand (7).png

Again, a less enthusiastic ship, but one we see working out. Neither are harsh by nature. In fact, both are pretty neutral in most aspects that they could probably be paired with almost anyone and create a meh relationship.

Round 8

Rhysand (8).png

We think this one is a lot like Harry and Peeta in that it just doesn’t sound bad. Both are cinnamon rolls, so you can’t deny that they would at least be sweet together.

Round 9

Rhysand (9).png

We’re going to say hell yes to this one. There might be a slight balance issue of Chaol’s loyalty to the law and Thorne’s knack for crime. But they would balance each other out. And can you just imagine what they could do if they put their heads together?

Round 10

Rhysand (10).png

We’re just going to go ahead and say no here. I don’t think it’s ever safe to ship any of these through differing timelines. It’s too weird and too wrong and, frankly, it all makes me uncomfortable.

So that’s it! Those are the couples we would R.I.P. and Ship! We’re gonna tag some bloggers below, but feel free to do it anyway!

Rendz | Rebecca | Bea | Amanda | Kelly | Rachael |

-A (5)

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