Conversations | An Origin Story

Conversations is a weekly post that’s goal is to go beyond book reviews, and discuss what’s on the other side of a blogger’s screen.

Let me share an interestingly sad fact with you guys: I’ve rarely had a best friend. I had one from 6th grade until my freshman year of college, and that’s the longest running friendship I’ve ever had. I always envied the girls in the books I’d read that had best friends since they were in diapers. I wanted that kind of bond that lasted for years and years, but no matter how hard I tried, every friend I had eventually left.

Flash forward to present day, around early May of 2017 to be exact. My previous “best friend” had left the state without so much as a goodbye, and the person who was supposed to split hotel costs with me at Bookcon 2017 bailed last minute. So here I was, panicking about having to spend a lot more money than I had saved up for to go on this New York trip.

Enter Ashley. We really have Emma from emmmabooks to thank because she tweeted inviting people to share their current cities to find local book-loving friends. That’s where I saw Ashley’s tweet with our hometown. I tweeted at her, and we messaged a few times. I told her I was looking for someone to split the cost, and she agreed to come with her boyfriend! So, problem solved.

We went to Bookcon, shared some laughs (and some awkward encounters that guaranteed us hilarious stories for future parties), and just clicked. The summer passed by with multiple hangouts, hundreds of text messages, and generally getting to know each other. I helped her get a job at the bookstore I work at, and now we’re coworkers! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a better best friend. We talk about books, we have a shared love of musicals, and we’ve recently been learning to cook together. She’s basically my other soulmate — another sister I didn’t know I needed. I feel like I’ve known her my whole life, and I can’t imagine not having her to talk to about anything.


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How did you and your best book friend meet? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Conversations | An Origin Story

  1. Dawwwww that’s such a wonderful story! And what a way to meet your bookish bestie, by rooming together at an amazing book festival. I met my bookish best friend through our kids’. We both have a child in the same grade & activities, so we met through that, BUT we had no idea until about a year later that we were both total book nerd. We agreed to go to the Books by the Banks festival in Cinci together and we’ve been going to book events ever since.

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