Book Tag | Kiss Marry Cliff

Hello everyone! Katie and I are back with another book tag this week. This one is the Kill Marry Cliff book tag that has floated around Booktube and book blogs for a bit now. But, it just seemed like so much fun that we couldn’t possibly pass it up.

How we did this tag was that we put my Goodreads “read” shelf on random. As we would refresh the page, we took the first book on the list and found it on my actual bookshelf (if I still had it and if it’s something we could use— for instance, poetry books would not work), then we opened it to a random page and the first character’s name we saw went into the current grouping. This was a great deal of fun, and it was actually fairly easy for us to agree on our choices. So without further ado, here it is!

Round 1


Round 1.png

Kiss: We’ll have to go with Lila. She is such a badass woman.

Marry: Simon for sure. He would be the sweetest man to have around.

Cliff: Sorry, Nesta. Although she is becoming more likable, she’s still hard to handle. Especially in ACOTAR.

Round 2

Round 2.png

Kiss: We’ll go with Blue Sargent on this one. She’d be a pretty cool friend to have around, but we wouldn’t want to be married to her.

Marry: Of course, Alec. He’s a cutie, not to mention he can kick some serious demon ass.

Cliff: Is this even a question? Even Levana’s origin story couldn’t make us feel sorry enough for her to actually like.

Round 3

Round 3.png

Kiss: Raffe, for sure. He’s totally hot, plus he has wings!

Marry: Akinli was just such an adorable part of The Siren. He was totally hubby material.

Cliff: Sorry, but Rue is already dead and we think we’ve mourned enough that we can handle it.

Round 4

Round 4.png

Kiss: We’ll kiss Jamie. It’s hard to fully trust him right now, but he’s always been loyal.

Marry: Clary, although underwhelming at times, was my (Ashley) first taste of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters world. She’s just always going to have a special place in my heart.

Cliff: Speaking of underwhelming, sorry Mary Ann. You just aren’t the most significant of this round.

Round 5

Round 5.png

Kiss: We would kiss the heck out of Ash. Seriously, he was one my (Ashley) first bookish boyfriends.

Marry: Thorne! Katie would kill me if I put anything else.

Cliff: We disagreed a bit on this. But at the end of the day, The Will is an assassin, even if he has the best pet in the world.

Round 6

Round 5 (1).png

We had a super hard one with this since maybe the only person we would want to save from the fate of the cliff would be Adam from Blue Lily, Lily Blue, even though we don’t really enjoy him that much either. We just decided all three get the CLIFF.

Round 7

Round 7.png

Kiss: We’re gonna kiss Kia because he is oh, so dreamy.

Marry: We’re gonna marry August because he’s a beautiful soul in impending darkness.

Cliff: And we’re gonna send Kenzie to the cliff because she’s just meh.

Round 8

Round 8.png

Kiss: Ugh, if we have to chose, I guess we will settle for Prince Dain. No spoilers allowed.

Marry: Uhhh WARNER, duh!

Cliff: Summer can take the cliff along with rest of the characters in this book, thanks.

Round 9

Round 9.png

Kiss: We’re gonna kiss Annabeth. She seems sweet enough.

Marry: We would like to announce our current engagement to Oliver Wood. Wedding invitations will be sent out soon.

Cliff: Dex needs to take the entirety of Zenith and jump off a cliff into space.

Round 10

Round 10.png

We’re going to make the executive decision to marry Cassian, Scarlett, and Chaol. Please don’t make us choose.

We’re tagging to following blogs, but please feel free to do this tag!

Amanda | Charley | Danielle

-A (5)

4 thoughts on “Book Tag | Kiss Marry Cliff

  1. Oh man. This is one crazy tag lol
    I definitely agree to only kiss Lila Bard because she doesn’t strike me as the marrying type haha.

    Wouldn’t you be afraid to kiss Blue Sargent? I heard she has a bad habit of killing those she kisses…

    I was team Jacob in the Twilight series, so I would have kissed him.

    Adam could jump off a bridge for sure. What a little whiny bitch.

    If you married Oliver Wood, he would probably take you to a Quidditch match for your honeymoon lol

    Thank you for the tag! I’m a little nervous about this one.

    Liked by 2 people

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