Unboxing | January Owlcrate

I’ve been an avid subscriber to Owlcrate for about a year and a half now. I always recommend it to people because the themes are unique, and the items are usually well worth the price of the box. This month’s was one of my favorites! The theme was Fearsome Fairy Tales, and I knew right away what the book would be.

To start this awesome box, the first item I saw inside was this cute candle warmer (designed exclusively by Owlcrate!) with a set of soy candle melts themed around Hansel and Gretel. The wax melts were created by Spireside Candles, and the gingerbread scent was to die for.

Up next was a handcrafted bracelet from Authored Adornments that was also designed exclusively for this box! The quote is from Rapunzel which is one of my favorite fairy tales – I mean, Tangled anyone? There was also a beautiful print designed by Anne Lambelet (and you guessed it, it’s exclusive) of the Big Bad Wolf.

In my opinion, the best item in this box was the full sized pillowcase designed by Stella’s Bookish Art that was inspired by Sleeping Beauty. It’s gorgeous, and will go well in any study or bedroom!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the book! This month’s pick was none other than The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I know what you’re thinking – “Katie, don’t you already own The Cruel Prince?” Yes, yes I do. I now own three finished copies and an ARC copy I received at YallFest. But this book was so good, you guys. I don’t mind owning every copy I can get my hands on. And this edition had an exclusive cover made only for Owlcrate, and it’s definitely different!

Another added bonus was the fact that this month’s book was also hand signed by Ms. Holly Black herself! There were also some themed swag pieces that came with it, including a print and a sticker!

Well that’s it, folks. If you’re interested in February’s box, the theme is Hidden Worlds, and the book will also have an exclusive cover and be signed by the author! I have a feeling I know the book for that box, but that doesn’t make me any less excited for it!

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What subscription boxes are you subscribed to? What do you think February’s book will be? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow Owlcrate for any future news on their great boxes!

2 thoughts on “Unboxing | January Owlcrate

  1. I loved this month’s OwlCrate box! Definitely more than worth the money paid for it, I got this month’s FairyLoot which was the same book but lots of Sarah J. Maas stuff with it instead and normal cover for The Cruel Prince!

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