Recap | Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Hello, everyone! If you aren’t aware, we are currently recapping the Shatter Me series in anticipation of the release of Restore Me on Tuesday! If you haven’t read through our first recap of Shatter Me, you can read that here.

Let’s get on to the recap of book 2, Unravel Me.

  • We begin the book 2 weeks after Shatter Me ended. Juliette is starting to feel like a prisoner in Omega Point. She mentions she hasn’t been outside in weeks and that Adam still has no idea Warner can touch her.
  • She’s “training” and by “training” we mean she really sucks and is super mopey. Castle says she needs to get her shit together and make friends.
  • He makes plans for her and Kenji to start training together.
  • Later that night she sees Adam in her room (they get barely any time together). He acts like something is wrong. But won’t say anything. Super Awkward.
  • At breakfast the next morning Kenji flags her down to sit with him. He does this by loudly professing his love for her as a joke. Adam joins them still acting like something is wrong.
  • Castle comes in and mentions that he wants to test Juliette with Adam. Adam spazzes and gets angry. He and Castle leave.
  • Kenji tries to take Juliette to train but she isn’t having it. She slams him into the wall with her mighty power and makes him take her to the lab where Adam is being tested to figure out why everyone is acting so weird.
  • Kenji takes her to the labs and she sees Castle testing Adam and he’s obviously in pain. Juliette freaks the fuck out.
  • She ends up punching the floor, hurting herself, and passing out for THREE DAYS.
  • When she wakes up she realizes the healer twins can’t actually heal her because they can’t touch her. Kenji basically interrogates her because he doesn’t know if she’s just ignorant to how strong she is or if she is actually trying to tear them down from the inside. He tells her she could have killed everyone since her little tantrum was felt throughout all of Omega Point.
  • She promises she wants to be there and help. He tells her to meet him in the morning for something.
  • Castle and Adam are waiting in her room to talk to her. Castle tells Juliette that Adam isn’t immune to her touch. He has an ability that allows him to turn off other abilities, and that he does it automatically when he is in danger.
  • Basically, his body feels threated by Juliette and so he turns off her abilities but as they continue to get “closer” he starts to see her as less of a threat and risks not being able to protect himself. It also exhausts him doing this, so he is always tired.
  • They both kinda freak. Castle leaves them alone. Juliette tries to break up with Adam. He says fuck no. Juliette gives in and they start getting…hot and heavy.
  • This backfires completely and Juliette actually hurts Adam and he ends up in the medical wing. Juliette decides she can’t be with Adam anymore.
  • In the morning Juliette and Kenji meet up. He takes her to a room with a bunch of other people. She sees Winston and Brendan again. She finds out that they are going up and outside to get supplies.2015-07-24 10.21.25 1036225150892204216_1563014183 (1)
  • Basically, for this mission, they have to blend in on the compound and then get to where the Reestablishment stores their supplies. To do this, they dress raggedy and are given special ID cards that apparently everyone has. They are told to not talk to each other and in the instance of being found out they disperse and think only of themselves.
  • When they reach the compound there are soldiers around so they act like they are picking up scraps of metal and things. Then Juliette sees Warner. He’s gorgeous of course and is wearing a sling from where he was shot by her.
  • She is fascinated by how utterly beautiful and evil he is. Then a stray dog bumps into him and she’s certain Warner will kill it. He scoops it up and takes it behind a short fence. Castle tells everyone it’s time to move.
  • Juliette is a dumbass and stays behind because she just has to see what Warner is doing to the dog to prove he is a bad person.
  • She goes to the fence, sees him being a totally decent human and feeding the poor dog. A puppy will always turn a villain into a love interest without question.
  • But then she like falls or makes a noise and Warner makes eye contact with her. Thankfully for Juliette’s dumbass, Kenji knew she was a dumbass, and decided to save her dumbass by making her invisible and trying to get her to the meetup location before her dumbass gets left behind.
  • They have a conversation where Kenji basically tells Juliette to get her head out of her own ass (and Adams) because they have bigger things to worry about.
  • They get to the underground storage supply thing and begin their methodical way of stealing things. Juliette is invited eat with her new friends and she’s quite happy about it.
  • However, Adam walks in the next day and is like “we gotta talk…again..about the same thing…” and she abandons her new found friends.
  • Basically, she tells Adam there is absolutely no way they can be together because she almost killed him and she can’t risk his life. Adam is like 100% ugly crying. And Juliette runs away to hide in the training room.
  • Kenji comes in and tries to make her feel better. They discuss how her power is linked to high emotions and self-preservation. Once realizing this she obliterates a brick like it’s nothing. She feels empowered.
  • They continue training for a couple days. At breakfast one day Winston mentions that the patrols are weird. Usually, Warner is out with his men scouring the world to look for them. But the night before there was absolutely no one.
  • That night/ the next morning Juliette is woken up by her roommates, the healer twins. They tell her Kenji is outside and said he needs her urgently. When she gets out there, Adam is with him, and Kenji says they need to see Castle ASAP about something.
  • When they get to his office Castle tells them that the Supreme Commander (i.e. the Reestablishment leader of the country/ Warner’s father) is in town. Which is apparently a huge deal. He is pissed at Warner for fucking up his plans for Juliette.
  • Castle also tells them that they have taken 4 of their men hostage: Brendan, Winston, Ian, and Emory. There was word sent from the Supreme Commander that he will exchange them for Juliette. Castle says he wants to send Kenji and Adam with her to protect her. Adam is like “oh hell no Juliette, you can’t agree to this” and Kenji is like “wait..what..we’re bait? I mean I might be into that” and Juliette is all “sign me up!”
  • The next morning, Juliette has a heart to heart with Adam’s little brother, James, who said he was mad at her because everyone but him knew she killed a little boy. She said she was sorry and that it was an accident, and he says he believes her and that they can be friends again.
  • Juliette, Adam, and Kenji are being fitted for battle. Kenji has on a black suit and gun holsters, Adam has on his regular close with secret hidden weapons, and Juliette has on her suit, new gloves made by Winston, metal plates for her hands designed by Alia (who is currently insignificant) and a gun holster that just happens to wrap around her boobies…
  • …which makes Adam leave the room and Kenji to be like “Juliette, damn, you can’t be all like hot and shit in front of fragile Adam.”
  • So now they are ready to go. They have an address to meet at, “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.” Ohh…sorry… “1542 Sycamore” is not nearly as catchy. And Castle and his men are already in place for an ambush.
  • They arrive at what they think is 1542 Sycamore, and it’s a house on unregulated land that is freshly painted and well taken care of. Clearly, someone lives there. Kenji realizes they are on the wrong street and that this house is probably a trap.
  • They get to the actual house and Juliette decides the guys should remain hidden which she goes in alone. They agree and she knocks on the door.
  • A beautiful and impeccably dressed older gentlemen answers the door. It’s Warner’s father.
  • He’s all formal and polite until he grabs her by the throat and pockets her guns. He’s prepared and wearing gloves.2015-07-15 09.46.18 1029684490949189714_1563014183 (1)
  • The Supreme Commander tells Juliette that 1) he knows about the people Castle brought in and his soldiers are just waiting for his order to attack, 2) he is ready to obliterate the “freaks” that have been bugging him for so long, and 3) he was prepared to kill her until Warner humiliated himself by begging him not to.
  • He says maybe he can keep Juliette at the capital with him if he finds her useful. He then calls Warner out, because of course, Warner is there.
  • Warner’s dad demands to know how Juliette got away. She asks “the first or second time” and it’s clear that he wasn’t aware there were two times. Juliette informs Warner’s father of the events, how she escaped and how she shot him, and his father is obviously thinking Warner is pathetic.
  • She asks his name and he says, Anderson. She is confused that they have different last names and his dad says that Warner took his mother’s last name because he always lets his emotions get in the way. As punishment, he gives Warner a gun and tells him to shoot Juliette.
  • Warner immediately turns the gun on his father. Anderson laughs and pulls another gun on Juliette. He recounts the many times that Warner has tried to kill him before and failed because he is weak. He yells at Warner to shoot him and grabs warner’s injured arm until it’s soaked in blood. He then smacks Warner across the face.
  • Juliette can’t handle it anymore and her super duper strength takes over. She grabs Anderson by the throat, clearly crushing his airway. She makes him drop the gun and she drops him to the ground. She tells Warner he probably wants to leave. He doesn’t.
  • BTW she finds out his name is Aaron.
  • Juliette shoots Anderson in the leg. He’s screaming but she is seriously enjoying it. She shoots him in the other leg. Then she lines up the gun to aim at his heart.
  • Then there is a random chapter break from Juliette’s old notebook that talks about how she stole the notebook and how if she actually was a monster, surely she would feel like one.
  • An explosion rocks the house and just as Juliette pulls the trigger she is yanked back and misses.
  • Kenji is there, trying to get her to snap out of it, telling her it’s not the time to kill him yet. She sees Warner unconscious on the floor.
  • Kenji tells her that Adam is getting Ian and Emory out of the back door they came in and that they couldn’t find Winston and Brendan but they are taking Warner as a hostage to get them back.
  • Kenji says there is a war going on outside and they have to go. She tells him Anderson didn’t make the call and he says Castle did.
  • Then Adam comes in to make sure she’s okay. He found some of their men and a talk to take Ian and Emory back. Just as they are about to leave, Warner draped over Kenji’s shoulder, Adam freaks out. He says Anderson, the man passed out and bleeding that Juliette almost killed, is his father he thought was dead.
  • That’s right, boys and girls, Warner is Adam’s half-brother.
  • They get Adam up and they are running to get the eff out of there. They see 50 of their people fighting against 500 of Andersons and they have no way of telling Castle that everyone needs to get the eff out of there.
  • Juliette helps by punching the earth and creating a massive chasm that separates the two sides and the guys go tell Castle they need to leave. They get a tank and leave.
  • In the tank, Adam explains the situation with his father. He tells Juliette and Kenji that his parents were never married, but that his father only loved his mother. He didn’t care about James or him and would be angry at his mother for taking care of them. After she got sick and died, he was barely ever there unless he wanted to get drunk and beat Adam. He was doing all of this while having another family with his wife and Warner.
  • Kenji also lies for Juliette and tells Adam that he’s the one that shot Anderson. Adam vows to kill his father.
  • Castle comes to Juliette in the morning and tells her that he wants to give her her first official assignment at Omega Point. He puts her in charge of interrogating Warner. She agrees. He still doesn’t know that Warner can touch her so he sends her in unarmed.
  • When she gets to the room where Warner is being kept it is completely empty. Apparently, Warner kept destroying everything demanding to see Juliette.
  • When she goes in, he has her journal. He begins to read passages to her, some from memory.
  • She asks him to stop and says she wants it back. He isn’t going to give it back.
  • Warner tells her he never would have kissed her if he didn’t think she wanted it. He found it amusing that she tried to kill him after always saying she never wanted to hurt anyone.
  • He asks her to stay with him for a while. He tells her that reading her journal was like understanding her better.
  • He asks when they plan to kill him. Juliette tells him they don’t plan to, they just want to trade him for their friends. He tells her that they are wrong about his father, he doesn’t care about him enough to try to get him back.
  • At lunch, James asks Kenji why he shot Anderson in the legs instead of killing him (because for some reason he’s hiding that Juliette did it) and he tells him that if they killed the leader immediately without making themselves known first, someone worse could take over before they have a chance to.
  • Adam gets mad at Kenji for not killing Anderson and storms out like always. Juliette goes after him to ask if he’s okay. They get into another argument about how much Adam misses her and how she can’t be with him because she doesn’t want to hurt him. She shows him how easily she can break through the wall to show him that her skin isn’t the only thing he needs to be careful of around her.
  • Warner and Castle walk up to them arguing. Warner has smartass remarks about how Adam doesn’t deserve her.
  • Later in the training room, James joins Kenji and Juliette. He asks if its possible for him to have abilities too. He tries to break a brick but it slices his hand open. Kenji tries to take a look but he and Juliette see that its almost completely healed. So Kenji takes him off to the twins.
  • Castle comes in and confronts Juliette about Warner being able to touch her. Juliette realizes that Warner is just like them.
  • Castle says that he knows has to offer Warner sanctuary should he choose it and that he wants to tell him about all of those with abilities at Omega Point.
  • Castle realizes that Warner is in love with Juliette and that’s why she hasn’t told Adam, or anyone, about it yet. He also realizes that this just makes her even better suited for the job or interrogating him.
  • She goes back to Warner’s room and sees that he’s asleep. She goes to leave but notices he has her notebook in hand and she wants it back. As she goes to take it, she sees his back. He has a tattoo in the upper center of his back that says IGNITE and his back is completely covered in scars.
  • Warner wakes up and he refuses to talk about. She tells him that she is learning to understand him and that she can’t hate him anymore. She said she wants to try to be his friend. He says he would like that and Juliette runs out of the door.
  • We learn that since the fight, the citizens are starting to rise up and it’s upsetting the Reestablishment. They also can’t get word back from Anderson, solidifying the theory that he just doesn’t care about Warner.
  • Juliette keeps meeting with Warner but has gotten no information about Brendan and Winston yet. Castle gets on her about not doing enough. So she goes back.
  • They talk about books and reading and Warner’s tattoos. Juliette notices a jade ring on Warner’s finger but he refuses to talk about it.
  • Warner shows Juliette his other tattoo, one placed just so that he has to undo and pull down his pants enough to make Juliette blush. It says “hell is empty/ and all the devils are here.”
  • He recites more of her journal and tells her he’s sorry for ever believing her to be something more monstrous than she was. He tells her she will do incredible things.
  • Then he tells her where Winston and Brendan are being kept. He tells her to tell Castle to prepare for war. His father plans to attack the civilians of Sector 45 in two days.
  • They are all meeting in Castle’s office to discuss strategies. Kenji will take a group on base to rescue their men, the rest will work to remove the civilians from the compound.
  • During the meeting, a man comes to tell Castle that Warner is freaking the fucking out and he sends Juliette to figure it out. He tells everyone that they are leaving at dawn the next day.
  • When she goes to Warner’s room he is very upset. He tells Juliette that Castle talked to him and told him everything. That he has abilities too and that he believes he can be a good person and join them. Warner does not believe this, and that’s what has upset him.
  • Juliette tells him she thinks he can be good and he believes she really thinks that but that he can’t. He tells her that he’s able to sense people’s energies and how they feel. And he can tell she has similar feelings for him that he has for her.
  • He also tells her that he will not stay there, and he plans to leave.
  • At dinner that night they have a meeting. Every able-bodied person will fight, while the old and young stay at Omega Point. Castle also tells them that Warner has asked for sanctuary and has agreed to fight alongside them the next day. Everyone is pissed especially Adam, no one trusts him and they want to kill him. Castle tells them that Warner has a gift, and he is forced to tell Adam that Warner can touch Juliette and that is how they found out. He storms out…again. Juliette goes after him…again.
  • She is trying to talk to Adam when Warner interrupts, out of his room since he is one them now.
  • He and Adam get into it, about to physically fight one another. Juliette steps in between them, placing her hand on Warner’s chest, and at the same time, Kenji grabs Adam and Warner’s arms. Kenji then falls motionless and Juliette begins to scream.2016-01-11 09.22.17 1160162234710712673_1563014183
  • She finds Castle and everyone rushes him to the hospital wing. Juliette finds a dark hallway to cry in alone, she realizes she isn’t wearing her gloves and that she must have touched him.
  • Warner comes to comfort her and tells her that not only is Kenji not dead, but that he is the one that hurt him, not her. He explains that he is about to borrow people’s abilities. Something he discovered on his own like a smart cookie. He demonstrates by taking her hand and then breaking through the floor like nothing.
  • Juliette says that she wants to tell Castle in case it might help when they are fighting tomorrow. But Warner tells her that he never intended to stay and fight, that he just needed a way out. Then Adam interrupts them.
  • Juliette tells Warner not to leave yet, that she will be back. They talk briefly about Kenji, he tells her that Kenji should be okay. She said she will meet him in the hospital wing. She goes to talk to Warner but he is already gone.
  • In the hospital wing, everyone leaves Kenji except James, Adam, Castle, and Juliette. As Castle sends the other three to bed, he tells them that he’s known Kenji since he was a little boy. Castle tells them that he discovered Kenji starving and living in a shopping cart, and he so he took him in.
  • Adam carries James and walks Juliette to her room. When she gets there, shes alone. The girls are staying with Kenji through the night to heal him.
  • There’s a knock at the door and Warner shows up. He asks her to leave with him. She says she can’t. Things then become hot, heavy, and half naked. Warner basically pours her heart out to her. But when he tells her to call him Aaron instead of Warner, bitch says “Adam” out of guilt and shuts him down by ripping his still-beating heart from his chest.
  • Warner walks out, saying he hopes he never sees her again.
  • The next morning everyone is getting ready to leave. Kenji, despite his need to stay behind, shows up to leave with Adam and Juilette. James will be staying behind.
  • Outside it’s raining and everyone else has departed ahead of Adam, Juliette, and Kenji.
  • They make it, invisibly, to the compound. They watch as soldiers remove a lady from her house and put her with the rest of the civilians in a line. They begin to shoot them.
  • Kenji, Adam, and Juliette work together to take out the soldiers before they kill anyone else. They tell the civilians to get back to the compound and stay out of site. Then they run through the compound to find where everyone else has gone. When they get to the site of the fighting, they see so many civilians dead.
  • Juliette is trailing behind the guys and gets tackled by a soldier. She’s able to break free from him but is tackled by three more soldiers. She gets knocked in the back of the head and put inside a tank. She’s halfway conscious and shaking from the cold rain when they get to a house. She hears Anderson. They carry her upstairs and someone starts a hot bath for her. She wakes up enough to climb into the bath only to fall asleep once inside.
  • She wakes up the next morning in a boys room wearing boys clothes. She goes downstairs to Anderson. He tells her how the house, which they originally saw on their way to 1542 Sycamore, is where he “stores” Warner’s sick mother.
  • Anderson tells Juilette that he crippled her, he’s now walking with a cane, and that he wants compensation.
  • Warner walks into the house, shocked to see Juilette there. He tells them both that after seeing what the healers could do for Warner’s arm, he had them taken so they could heal him.
  • Then Anderson shoots Juilette in the chest.
  • She’s dying. But Warner is there with the twins begging them to help her. They tell him they can’t touch Juilette and they don’t trust him, so they don’t know how to help. Warner is telling them that they can touch him and he can borrow their ability to help Juliette. He is frantic and panicked and so they help.
  • Juliette wakes up later in what she now knows to be Warner’s old room, with Warner asleep next to her. He wakes up and he tells her that she’s safe, that Anderson thinks she is dead.
  • We end the book with Juliette and her new sense of resolve. She will not continue to sit by and do nothing with her life and her abilities. She is ready to be more and do more for the world.

The End.

Okay then, my hands hurt from typing! That is all for this recap of Unravel Me. I really hope you enjoyed this/ found it helpful. We are only days away from Restore Me so get excited! We will have the final recap of book 3, Ignite Me for you tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

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