Recap | Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

We’ve made it to the day before the big Restore Me release, and we cannot be more excited! Here’s the recap for Ignite Me, so you can jump right into the new one first thing tomorrow!

  • We open with Juliette just waking from her ordeal at the end of Unravel Me in the bedroom Warner had at the compound.
  • Warner is there, and he tells her that Sonya and Sara healed her with his help. She asks him what happened (as far as the battle goes), and he painfully says that everyone is dead.
  • Juliette goes into a sort of shock, and Warner tries to comfort her, telling her he’d never intentially cause her this amount of pain by lying.
  • Juliette is left alone in the bedroom, and she eventually calms down enough to say “revenge I think has never looked so sweet” ­­– our girl isn’t backing down.
  • Warner returns later to check on her, and she tells him that she wants to see the devastation for her own eyes. She also tells him that she plans to kill Anderson, and Warner gets super happy because he always wanted her to fight for herself. He then offers to help her kill his father.
  • Juliette is confused, naturally, and he tells her that he never wanted to use her as a weapon. He told his father that so he could have Juliette close to study her and her powers. His mother has a “power” that basically makes any human touch lethal, including her own. Anderson has kept her away in the same house Juliette met him in, and the only care he gives to her is sedation and isolation. Warner visits her often, but he says that she no longer remembers who he is, the pain and drugs have warped her mind too much. Warner explains that he thought learning more about Juliette and her skin could potentially help heal his mother, but he never anticipated Juliette being so submissive. He says he pushed her to try and get her to show her true powers. He always wanted her to touch him so he could feel the pain that his mother always felt.
  • Warner brings up the simulation room that Juliette so kindly refers to as the “torture room”. He laughs and tells her that it was all fake because Juliette always thought Warner had made her hurt a real child just for fun. He explains it was all a simulation meant to bring her powers out of her, but he never anticipated she would break through the concrete wall.
  • He leaves and returns with food, and they talk about when Juliette first arrived at the compound. Juliette guiltily thinks to herself that if she’d only eaten the food and built up her strength back then, she never would have had to rely on Adam to get her out.
  • Juliette tells Warner she was always suspicious of his actions. He tells her that he gave her the nice, new clothes and the food because she was starved and he thought she’d enjoy the clothes. He kept her away from the other soldiers because he said they were animals, ” lonely, fully armed, thickheaded soldiers three times your size”, and all he wanted to do was protect her from them.
  • Juliette brings up when he shot Seamus Fletcher in the head during an assembly. Warner explains to her that he did it because Seamus beat his wife and children to the point where the wife lost her baby and the kids had broken bones. Fletcher also used all their money on alcohol, and he never gave food to his family. He tells Juliette that she never truly understands any of his actions, and he never knew that she hated him that much.
  • He locks himself in his office that is conjoined to his bedroom and tells Juliette that there are clean clothes and bath supplies for her if she needs them. She goes into the closet which is bigger than the bedroom, and notices that Warner’s personality shines in there. He doesn’t have any personal touches in the bedroom, but his closet is very prestine and organized. He has a love of fashion (which makes me love him even more).
  • Later that night, Warner wakes Juliette up from a nightmare. They talk and he asks her what is it about Adam that she likes, wondering why she’d risk anything to be with him. She tells him that he’s kind to her when no one else was, and Warner gets upset. He says that he’s thought about why she loved Adam for so long, and he tells her she should get a dog instead because they share the same qualities (sassy Warner is back, you guys.) He tells her that he knows she wants to be with him and that she’s ashamed of it.
  • The next morning, Warner tells Juliette that he’s leaving the compound and she can come with him if she wants to see the devastation. They sneak out, and he takes her to the entrance of Omega Point, which had been bombed. When they get out of the tank, Kenji randomly pops out and tries to shoot Warner, thinking he’s a “bad guy”. Warner projects and takes Kenji’s invisibility. While Kenji is searching for Warner, Juliette tells Warner that she wants to stay with Kenji and see the rest of Omega Point. He gives her a pager and says to hit the button if she needs him and he’ll be back for her in four hours.
  • Kenji and Juliette start walking toward Adam’s old house while they both explain what’s happened to them in the time they’ve been apart. Kenji says only nine people survived the bombing, Adam and James included. Juliette tells Kenji everything about Warner (his abilities, that he loves her, etc.). Kenji doesn’t really believe Warner could love her, but he accepts it.
  • They get to the house, and there’s a big reunion. Along with Kenji, James, and Adam, the other survivors are Castle (who’s in shock and doesn’t talk), Winston, Brendan, Lily, Ian, and Alia. Adam and Juliette have a small reunion (face-touching, etc. grossness), and Kenji explains what happened to Juliette and how she got back to them. Adam is confused and tells Juliette that Warner brainwashed her into thinking he wanted to help her. She also learns that Adam never thought the simulation room was real, he just assumed that Juliette wanted away from Warner.
  • Juliette says she wants to fight back and kill Anderson, but Adam says it’s useless. He also says some other things that are super rude and not necessary, basically Adam is being a dick.
  • Then, Warner shows up to the rescue. Everyone points their guns at him, but he takes Castle’s power and moves them all away from him. He’s a badass. Juliette tells everyone that she wants to fight and they can join her. Everyone wants to except for whiny Adam who storms out like a big baby.
  • Castle finally talks, and everyone freaks out. Warner takes Juliette into another room to talk privately. She tells him she wants her friends to help, but Warner is unsure. He asks her if she still loves Adam, and she says “I don’t know”. They come back out and Adam has returned. Now he’s furious because he thinks they were doing other things in the room alone, as if they can’t control themselves? Adam’s stupid. He says that Juliette’s allowed herself to be brainwashed by a psychopath. Warner tries to leave, but Adam tries to punch him. He stops Adam’s fist and pushes him away forcibly.
  • Kenji takes Adam outside. When he comes back in, he and Juliette have another talk. She tells him that she’s not sure about Adam anymore, and Kenji tells her he thinks the reason she fell so hard so quickly was Adam was her first everything (the first person to touch her, talk to her, be kind to her, etc.)
  • The next morning, Juliette says Warner is coming by to get her, and Adam flips shit again. He tells her that it hurt less when he thought she was dead than what’s happening now. He’s basically a dick.
  • Juliette continually pushes the pager button that Warner gave to her while Adam storms out and everyone tries to convince her to stay. Warner busts in to save the day (yet again) and is super concerned about Juliette, which makes everyone confused because they’re not used to him caring about anything.
  • Juliette convinces Warner to let everyone but Adam and James stay in his training quarters so they can prepare for their next attack. On their way back to the compound, Juliette tells Warner that she thinks he’s a good person no matter what everyone else thinks.
  • When they get back, he asks her what happened with Adam. She told him that he thought she was in love with Warner. And then instead of saying that she is, she tells him that she said nothing and breaks my baby’s heart again. He leaves the room, and Juliette contemplates. She thinks about the bird she always saw and how it was white with gold streaks like a crown — and Warner is a “fair-skinned boy with golden hair”, so Adam actually led her to him.
  • Later that night, Juliette wakes up to a crashing noise. She goes in Warner’s office to find him trying to apply a cream of sorts to his scars. Warner tells her that his father used to whip him on his birthday, and he got the scars from that. Juliette tells him that he can be a better person than his dad and that he can be happy again, and Warner denies that. He tells her that he loves her (OMG), and asks her if she feels the same, and she breaks his poor little heart again by saying that she doesn’t understand how to feel.
  • The next day, Warner shows Juliette his training quarters (and he’s so fit because he works out all the time). He’s pretty standoffish because of their conversation the night before. Kenji and the rest of the group show up and explore the quarters. Kenji notices that Warner and Juliette are a little off, and he tells her that he’s worried about Adam and James. He also calls Warner Juliette’s “new boyfriend King Stick-Up-His-Ass” which is hilarious but don’t talk about my baby that way.
  • They all start their training and Warner shows up in sweats, and Juliette naturally has to take a moment to catch her breathe (because DAMN).
  • Once she’s composed, she starts trying to learn to project her power. She ends up breaking the rock wall, and Warner and Castle have to stop the pieces from hurting anyone.
  • Over the course of a week, Juliette gets a bit better. Kenji tells her that he’s been visiting Adam and James and he told them to come back with him. In order to convince Adam to come, Kenji told him that Juliette still misses and loves him, which she gets very angry about.
  • She leaves and goes to find Warner to warn him (hahaha) and he’s just coming out the shower. Just a towel, guys. Yep.
  • She tells him that Adam and James are coming tomorrow, and she also tells him that she doesn’t love Adam anymore and that she’s attracted to him (!!!!!!!!).
  • When Juliette goes to the training room the next morning, Adam is already there. They talk and he tells her that he knows Kenji was lying to get him there, and he says that Juliette is insane if she thinks that being with a “sociopath” is okay.
  • Later, Alia tells Juliette that she can basically use her powers to prevent herself from ever getting truly hurt, if she remains in complete control of them. Warner comes in and James asks him a bunch of questions (and it’s adorable).
  • Warner decides to train Juliette, so he teaches her to punch and she gets a bit stronger. She wants to practice somewhere outside where she isn’t confined, so Warner says he’ll come up with something.
  • A bit later, Warner says that he needs to visit his mother because it’s her birthday. He tells her the story of how he got his jade ring. It was a gift from his mother, and it’s the only gift he’s ever been given. He agrees to sneak Juliette and Kenji out so they can practice while he’s visiting with his mother, and then they’ll reconvene at 5 PM.
  • Warner doesn’t show up on time, so Juliette goes to the house she knows his mom stays in. When she gets there, Warner is on the ground crying and his mother’s bed is empty. She’s died 😭
  • Juliette gets Warner up and back to the compound, and she explains the situation to Kenji.
  • Juliette decides to confront Adam about telling Warner they’re brothers.She says that if he won’t tell Warner, she will. He gets angry that she’s threatening him, and he grabs her hand to show her that he’s learned to control his power and combat hers. Kenji comes over to break up their argument and Adam puts Juliette’s hand in Kenji’s to hurt him.
  • Kenji immediately rips his hand away from her and punches Adam. Adam walks away.
  • Juliette learns that Kenji felt nothing when she touched him. It turns out she’d learned to control her powers enough to turn them on and off. It means that she can be with whoever she chooses, not certain people by default.
  • Juliette leaves to find Warner and she tells him that she loves him and she’s always been afraid to say it for feeling guilty of leaving things so up in the air with Adam. They start making out hardcore, and things get steamy.
  • The next morning, they wake up together. Juliette learns that Delalieu is Warner’s grandfather, his mother’s father, but his relationship with him is strictly professional.
  • Later, Alia shows Juliette her new suit, and they expect their plan to go into motion the next day.
  • That night, things get even steamier and we get to hear the famous “Ignite, my love. Ignite” which is Warner’s “Ignite” tattoo that actually stands for “I grieve nothing, I take everything.”
  • The next day, Warner calls an assembly and tells all of the troops that they’ve been lied to. The Reestablishment isn’t there to help them, and Juliette is still alive. Her and the others from Omega Point showcase their powers, and Juliette asks them to stand and fight with her against Anderson. They agree, and everyone waits for Anderson to show up by planning and plotting.
  • Warner overhears Adam say Anderson’s first name, and he thinks Adam is a spy because no one else would’ve known his first name. Adam tells Warner that they’re half brothers, and they both take a moment to grasp that information. Warner tells Juliette that he can’t hate Adam anymore because he knows what kind of a man his father was. As he leaves the room, he stops and whispers something to Adam, but he won’t tell Juliette what he said. He tells her that he wants to spend more time getting to know him.
  • The next day, the group learns that Anderson is on a ship that’s stationed at the docks. Juliette gets a gun, and Kenji joins her on her way down to the docks.
  • She pushes all of the guards into the water with her power, clearing the way for her and Kenji to get inside the ship. Once inside, they lose each other and Juliette wanders around invisible (thanks to Kenji).
  • After exploring for a few minutes, the invisibility starts to wear off, which worries her because Kenji might be in trouble.
  • She starts kicking open doors to try and find where Anderson is staying. Along the way, she kicks ass and takes names, literally reflecting bullets in the process.
  • She opens one door to find Sonya and Sara, and they tell her that Anderson has a weapon planned for her.
  • She goes next door and opens the door to find Kenji and Anderson, and Anderson has a friend next to him. This guy can literally send power sound and pressure waves that pretty much explode the mind of anyone that’s it freakishly strong (aka anyone but Juliette because she’s a beast).
  • She reaches the sound waves guy and chokes him to death, but falls to the ground. Anderson points a gun at her and shoots, but she reflects these bullets. She grabs and crushes his ankles, dropping him to the ground. She then gets a gun and shoots him twice in the head, “once for Adam, once for Warner”.
  • Juliette brings Kenji’s unconscious body to Sonya and Sara, who make him sleep in a weird sleep coma healing thing, and she finds the maintenance system speakers and tells all the remaining soldiers that Anderson is dead and she’ll be he new leader of Sector 45.
  • She goes to the roof of one of the small compound homes and sees everyone is still alive. Warner climbs up next to her on the roof, and everything wraps up nicely.

The end.

Well that took forever, but hopefully someone finds it useful.

Until next time,

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  1. Wow. The fact that you actually summarized the entire book. Kudos to you! I’m still probably going to reread it before I get to Restore Me, but this certainly is helpful! There are so many details here I forgot about! I’m now even more excited to get back into that world!

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