Top Five Friday | Childhood Favorites

Hey guys! It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another Top Five Friday. This week, we’re talking about childhood favorites. Ashley wasn’t a big reader when she was a child, but I was – youngest Wall of Fame reader in elementary school, thank you very much. She did have a couple standout books from back then, so here are some of our favorites!

1. The Boxcar Children 


I don’t remember at all when I started picking up The Boxcar Children, but I do remember that my mom would always go and get me the next one as soon as I was ready for it. Working at a bookstore now, I realize just how many of these books I never got the chance to read. But they were my glimpse of reading, and I loved them.

– Ashley

2. The Princess Bride 


The Princess Bride was one I picked up from my big sister. It was the first bigger, chapter book I ever picked up and I absolutely loved the story.

– Ashley

3. The Giver 


This is another book I picked up from my sister as she was reading it for school. I remember reading it several times and always being so mad at the ending because I wanted to know what happened next.

– Ashley

I had to read this one for my 6th grade English class, and I was super upset about it to begin with. (I have a problem with reading assigned books, it takes away my enjoyment of choice!) I grew to love it, although I still find it to be a wrong choice for readers so young. I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more the first time around had I read it in high school.

– Katie

4. The Phantom Tollbooth


This book was my all time childhood favorite, and I think it’s where my love of puns began.

– Katie

5. Harry Potter 


Ashley did read these ones later on, but I started them back when I was 8 years old. I took $10 to the Scholastic book fair, bought the first one, and then asked my mom for more money to go back and get the second one a couple days later! I’ve been in love ever since!

– Katie

-A (5)

What are some of your favorite childhood books? Let us know below!

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