Book Review | Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

“Uncertainty isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it can even be filled with extraordinary potential.”

Last year, I picked up Jenn Bennett’s first novel, Alex, Approximately, and really enjoyed it! So with her newest release, Starry Eyes, I had pretty high expectations. This story revolves around Zorie, a girl that likes one thing about the great outdoors – the sky. She’s an aspiring astrophysicist, and her knowledge of the stars was super interesting to read about. The other main character, Lennon, loves the outdoors and camping/hiking, and the two get basically stranded in the woods for a few days after a camping trip goes awry.

This story had slight Romeo and Juliet references with Lennon and Zorie’s families not quite getting along, and I’m a sucker for a forbidden romance. I’m also a sucker for a friends-to-more relationship, and Bennett delivered with that one.

I liked the dynamic between Zorie and Lennon – it felt realistic. Bennett is good at creating characters who have flaws but kind of own them, and they always feel very real to me. I really enjoyed the family aspects as well, especially when families seem to take the back burner in YA novels.

The one thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was Zorie’s supposed friends. She had a weird thing for one of them, and it was blatantly obvious he had feelings for the other friend, but Zorie seemed oblivious. It was the one thing that wasn’t realistic at all. Also, her friends in general weren’t the greatest, so it was kind of hard to believe their friendships were even genuine.

Overall, this was a great summer read. It’s being released at the perfect time with the weather turning warmer, so grab a copy and head outside!

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