Release Day Review | A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

Today is the release day of A Court of Frost and Starlight! We’re lucky enough to work at a Books-A-Million and get an exclusive copy with beautiful fan art on the end pages.

I mean, just look at the gang.

And now that we’ve all drooled over the art, it’s time to discuss the actual story!

TBK (9).png

“I brushed a hand over his cheek to wipe away the last of his tears, his skin warm and soft, and we turned down the street that would lead us home. Toward our future – and all that waited within it.”

Ashley: I think I speak for most us when I say that we were very eager to get back to Feyre, Rhys, and the Night Court. Especially after learning that when the ACOTAR series continues, it will not be from the point of view of my favorite literary couple, I felt like I needed a farewell story.

This will suffice.

A Court of Frost and Starlight takes place a few months after the war, during the Winter Solstice holiday. We get a couple new points of view other than Feyre’s and Rhys’s, which was a really good change of pace.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the gang again. I really do love every moment they share with one another.

The only thing I wasn’t loving about this “novella” was that it was a bit mundane. There isn’t really any action, which is fine for a novella. I just think I love these characters, even more, when their lives are in danger.  I did love watching everyone interact, but I won’t act like I wasn’t occasionally bored.

There’s also the fact that as much as I truly, deeply, and wholeheartedly love Feyre and Rhys, their story has become completely stagnant and probably in need of this change coming to the POV in the series. It’s like ever since Chapter 55, their relationship has been sex and describing how beautiful they find one another. Without tension, there isn’t a ton of room for growth. Not that I want them to bicker or break up or whatever, just something that causes them to grow together, a push and pull in their relationship a bit more, would be great.

Overall, I enjoyed getting back to the Night Court and getting a glimpse of what the series will feel like when it continues. Although I’m sad to lose the POV of Feyre and Rhys, I’m also excited to see where this change takes us.

Katie: At the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin, I felt a little let down. It just kind of ended, but we were promised more books. I could have the patience, right?

A Court of Frost and Starlight is basically a bridge between the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin and the next book out sometime in 2019. I was hoping for a bit more action, but this novella is very character driven. Not much plot-wise happens, but you get to see how each character is living after the events of the war and whatnot. So, if you’re interested in more of a plot, you probably won’t enjoy this one too much.

I enjoyed seeing the gang again and getting to be a part of their interactions, but I had hoped it would be just Feyre and Rhysand, not a bunch of points of view. The next books won’t be from their perspectives, so I kind of wanted one last go with just them for nostalgia’s sake. When I say we got to see multiple characters, we even encounter the dreaded Tamlin, and nothing he does can really ever make me like him again. It’s definitely an “Adam Kent” kind of hatred. I get why he’s still around, but that doesn’t mean i appreciate it.

One thing that kind of bothered me, which also bothered me in ACoWaR, was how Feyre and Rhys’s relationship was handled. Ever since they got together, all they do or talk about is each other. It’s like they can’t have any meaningful conversations without being all over each other or mentioning how beautiful they are. I get it – Rhys is beautiful and he’s great in bed, but can we learn more about him and his childhood? Or maybe see their relationship grow a bit more? I get that there’s that weird mate lust thing going on, but I can only handle hearing about Rhysand’s “velvet hardness” for so long.

I enjoyed the whole Solstice parts though. I wish this book had been released in the winter months because the Winter Solstice gave me definite Christmas vibes. I loved the scenes with the gift giving because it was nice to see everyone’s interests, and I liked having the whole gang happy – even Nesta’s brooding was nice because she was at least there.

There was a sneak peek of the next book at the end of this one, and I’m not spoiling anything by telling you the perspectives. So, read until the end if you want to know who the next installment will be about!

Overall, I liked this novella well enough. I’m usually not keen on novellas because short stories don’t really give me as much as I’d like, but this one is meant more as a quick check-in on our favorite Faes.


Have you picked up A Court of Frost and Starlight yet? Are you excited to see who our new points of view will be? Let us know in the comments!


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