Unboxing | A Reaper at the Gates Hangover Kit by Faecrate

June was the release month for my most anticipated sequel, A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir. I knew this book was going to hurt while reading, so thankfully, Faecrate had my back and created a Book Hangover Kit for its release! Here’s what was in that box.


Up first, we had a great smelling Nightbringer candle by Spidey Scents. I mean, look at this thing, guys.



Next, there was an armlet (like Laia’s!), a banner for Blackcliff, and some lip balm scented “Laia’s Jam”!


Next, there was a beautiful tapestry with artwork by Gabriellea Bujdoso!


Lastly, there was a book sleeve created by inLumosLibertas made exclusively for Faecrate!


Finally, we have the book itself, A Reaper at the Gates! It came with a bookmark and more art from Gabriella Bujdoso!


If you want to make your own Moon Cakes for the Moon Festival, here’s the recipe!


*Be sure to check out our Twitter account (@lostinpagesblog) here to enter and win this copy of Reaper!*

And that’s all! I think these items will definitely help me get through the never-ending wait for book four…or at least I hope!


Did you read A Reaper at the Gates? Let us know your thoughts below!

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