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Hey, everyone! I’m coming at you today with a fun tag that involves some music playlists! I first saw this book tag on A Clockwork Reader’s YouTube channel (here’s the original video!), and Hannah looked like she was having a blast, so I decided to take part!

The rules are simple: shuffle your playlist and pick a book that reminds you of that song! It can be a character, a scene, etc., and I’ll be choosing a lucky seven songs. So let’s get to it!

*P.S. — all the song titles have links to a YouTube video, you’re welcome!*

1. “Love You in the Dark” by Adele — Juliette and Adam in Shatter Me


Yes, I’m aware this gif is from the “Hello” music video, but there wasn’t a video made for “Love You in the Dark”, so work with me here. This song is the epitome of Adam and Juliette, especially with the lines, “Please stay where you are, don’t come any closer. Don’t try to change my mind, I’m being cruel to be kind.” and “Please don’t fall apart, I can’t face your breaking heart. I’m trying to be brave, stop asking me to stay.” Juliette had to keep Adam at a distance for his safety — and honestly, I was glad because Warner…duh.

2. “I Know Places” by Taylor Swift — Liam and Ruby in The Darkest Minds 


So, the majority of The Darkest Minds involves Liam and Ruby on the run, and this song fits so well! The lines, “Baby, I know places we won’t be found, and they’ll be chasing their tails tryin’ to track us down. ‘Cause I, I know places we can hide, I know places
I know places,” are basically what — Luby…Riam…whatever their ship name is— has to go through.

3. “Put It On Me” by Matt Maeson — Elias from An Ember in the Ashes series

giphy (1)

Okay, this one might be a slight cheat because I first discovered this artist from the acknowledgments in A Reaper at the Gates. Sabaa Tahir always mentions songs that inspired her, and Matt Maeson’s “Cringe” made that list for book three. But, I found this song while searching “Cringe”, and it also fits Elias to a tee. The lines, “Storm in the sky, fire in the streets. If there’s nothing but pain, put it on me,” describe Elias’s selflessness pretty well in my opinion!

4. “100 Years” by Florence + the Machine — Rhys and Feyre from the ACoTaR series


This one might be a stretch, but every time Florence sang the lines, ” Then it’s just too much, I cannot get you close enough. A hundred arms, a hundred years, you can always find me here,” I just instantly thought of Feysand. Maybe it’s because they’re fae and can live hundreds of years, but I think it works fairly well.

5. “Dying in LA” by Panic! at the Disco — Oakley Ford in When It’s Real by Erin Watt


This song is easily my favorite off of Panic!’s newest album, Pray for the Wicked, and this is a great excuse to just stare at a gif of Brendon Urie — you know you want to. This song has old school vibes and tells the tale of the downfalls of fame in Los Angeles, and it was hard to really find anything to fit well that I had read. The only thing that came to mind that was even remotely close was Oakley Ford in When It’s Real. The only real struggle he faced in the book was a creativity block and some bad press, but that can still be a “dying in LA” situation for the famous.

6. “Sorry” by Nothing But Thieves — Gale in Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


I could think of no one else but Gale Hawthorne when I heard the chorus to this song. The lyrics are, “Maybe I’m defective or maybe I’m dumb. I’m sorry, so sorry for what I’ve done. Maybe I’m bad-natured or maybe I’m young. I’m sorry, so sorry for what I’ve done.” The scene that came to mind was the end of the book after the situation with Katniss’s sister. I always hate on Gale because his character development made me aggravated, but I’m sure the situations he was in and the choices he made could be mistakes of a youth. Or he could’ve been “defective” or “bad-natured”. Either way, he probably is really sorry.

7. “1000 Years” by Sara Bareilles — Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Sara Bareilles is very underrated in my opinion, and this song is achingly beautiful. It’s a ballad of unrequited love, and I always think of Anna and St Clair in French Kiss. A lot of people have problems with the relationship building in this book, but I’ve always found it realistic and an all-around sweet read.

And that’s all, folks! I tag anyone who’s feeling like listening to some songs.


What did you think of my song choices? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Dying in LA is also my favorite song off Panic!’s new album. I haven’t stopped listening to the album since it came out. I’m glad someone else watches A Clockwork Reader on YouTube. I absolutely adore Hannah and her videos! Love this post!!

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