Book Haul | July Book Haul

Hello, everyone! I thought that I should add a new feature to the blog — book hauls! I get sent/buy a bunch each month (no self control over here), and I love watching hauls on YouTube. So why not combine the two? Here’s all the books I bought/received in the month of July!


I bought a total of 11 books, 2 were in subscription boxes, and 2 were trades from Twitter! I had a few more trades for ARCs, but I’m not counting those towards this haul. So, 15 books in total this month!


I purchased a used hardcover set of The Darkest Minds trilogy so I could have them all in hardcover! My originals were paperback, and I hated that The Darkest Legacy wouldn’t match. I also love the special editions I received from Fairyloot and Owlcrate in July — Heart of Thorns has red sprayed edges, and My Plain Jane has an exclusive cover!

As a part of these hauls, I think I’ll include the top 3 books I’m most excited for from each month’s purchases. This haul, I’m most excited for Heart of ThornsMy Plain Jane, and Vicious. That new cover is just beautiful!

So, that’s it for the book haul today. I’ll have more next month to show you guys. I don’t think I could ever participate in a book-buying ban, especially given that I work at Books-A-Million. I’m always surrounded by amazing books!

Until next time,


What books did you purchase in July? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Book Haul | July Book Haul

  1. Beautiful books! I haven’t read any of those yet, but several are on my TBR.

    How cool is it that you work at Books A Million? Maybe I should apply to work at Barnes and Noble. I wonder if they pay more than I’m making at Walmart. Walmart has a TERRIBLE book selection. I really don’t know who does the book ordering, but they typically only have a small fraction of the books that book bloggers are talking about.

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