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Hello, everyone! Today I thought it’d be fun to do a tag, and I saw this one over on Give Me Coffee & Books’ blog. So, here goes nothing!

1. Reading in bed or on the couch?

Neither actually, I have a comfy chair and ottoman in my library (a.k.a. my apartment’s second bedroom), and it’s basically my go-to reading space.

2. Male or female main character?

Honestly, no preference. I’m typically good with either as long as they’re developed well.

3. Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Typically salty. I either go for popcorn or sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds actually help me focus because it gives my hands and mouth something to do so I’m not so fidgety.

4. Trilogies or quartets?

Either! As long as I feel like the story needs the extra books, I’m totally down for any amount.

5. First or third person POV?

I read a majority of first person, so probably that.

6. Reading at night or in the morning?

Nighttime for me, I’m a night owl.

7. Libraries or bookstores?

Well, I work in a bookstore five days a week, so I’ll go with that.

8. Books that make you laugh or cry?

Both! I usually don’t cry at many books, but I find a deeper connection to them if I feel some intense emotions while reading, whether that be happy or sad.

9. Black book covers or white book covers?

Are we talking actual book covers or the book without a dust jacket? Probably black either way because it’s way too easy to get a white book dirty.

10. Character or plot driven?

Character! I don’t care if anything happens in the story if the characters are amazing.

I tag anyone who’s feeling like a tag today!

Until next time,


Do you agree with my answers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Book Tag | This or That Tag

  1. I like reading anywhere and everywhere😃 I usually go for black covers as well, I avoid white as much as possible! Great post!


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