Book Haul | August Book Haul

Hello, everyone! Today seemed like a good day to share with you all the books I received/traded/bought in the month of August! I might have went a little overboard this month, but in my defense, I bought almost all of these books either used or bargain. So, that’s actually saving money, right??long-page-break

Here’s my haul!


Out of these finished copies, I made trades for This Mortal CoilAsh PrincessFawkes, and Invictus! I also got the hardcover Finnikin of the Rock for literally $1.50 at Half Prince Books — who could turn that down?

The bookstore I work at also hosted an event for The Adventure Zone where we had two of the authors in for a signing. I picked up a copy that was presigned by all the authors, but I was able to get the two who came to personalize it! Thanks to Clint and Justin for their inside jokes and taking the time to talk to me.



I made trades for most of these ARCs, but I also received DryRayne and Delilah’s Midnite MatineeThis Splintered Silence, and The Afterward. I can’t wait for the newest Jeff Zentner book — thank you Penguin Random House — because I’ve loved his past two books!


For those of you interested in how trading works or how you too can get some cool books that way, Ashley and I made a post not long ago about how the trading tag works on Twitter! I really recommend it if you can find people to trade with. It’s definitely cost effective because you can usually get finished copies for just the cost of media mail, which ranges from $3-$5!


I know that with the fall season upon us that book releases will be pretty hefty, so I don’t look for my hauls to deplete at all. It’s a sad fact for my wallet and filled shelves, but I can think of worse habits. I’m also excited to share that I’ve been added to Random House’s Instagram Influencer mailing list, so I’ll have a chance to share some really cool releases from them on the blog’s Instagram account soon! Be sure to stay tuned for those.

Until next time,


What’s your favorite book you’ve bought recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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