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Hello, everyone! I saw this tag on Starlight Novels’ blog, and I knew instantly that I had to do it! The rules are simple: you’re hosting a fictional dinner party and have to invite guests based on the prompts! Let’s get to planning!



1. A character who likes to cook


I think that because I’ve recently finished this trilogy and watched the Netflix movie, I’ve got Lara Jean on the brain. I mean, I wouldn’t turn away any of her perfect chocolate chip cookies though.

2. A character who has money to pay for the party

Noah Shaw is the epitome of rich hot guy, so I’d love to have him at my party. Plus his accent would make a nice conversation piece.

3. A character who might cause a scene


Cardan, 100%. He causes a scene no matter where he goes.

4. A character who is funny


Thorne!! I loved his sarcasm and banter throughout the whole Lunar Chronicles series, so I’m sure he’d make a great dinner guest.

5. A character who is a social butterfly


I want Porter from Alex, Approximately to come! We could have long discussions of great movies.

6. A villain


Is it weird to say I’d love to have Hades come to my party? But only the James Woods, animated one.

7. A fictional couple – romantic or platonic!


I’d love to have Andi and Clark from The Unexpected Everything because Clark loves books/writing, and they make a really cute couple.

8. One hero/heroine

I’m going with Elias for this one because he’s the best kind of hero — selfless, brave, determined.

9. One underappreciated character


Lazlo Strange because I don’t feel like people talk about him enough. He’s brave, selfless, adorable, and incredibly smart. He’s the best.

10. One character of your own choosing

I’d love to have Juliette and Warner come to my party as well. They’d definitely class it up!


Feel free to do this tag if you’re up to it! I really enjoyed it.

Until next time,


Who would you invite to your literary dinner party? Let me know down below!

3 thoughts on “Book Tag | Literary Dinner Party Tag

  1. “Is it weird to say I’d love to have Hades come to my party? But only the James Woods, animated one.”

    Yeah, a little lol BUT I totally get it. He’d be a good time.

    I adore Lazlo Strange! I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book. Eek!

    I also love Elias! I am currently reading A Reaper at the Gate right now 🙂

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