Unboxing | Illumicrate Magic & Mayhem

The end of September has been an amazing unboxing time for me. I’m so lucky I was able to snag one of Illumicrate’s special boxes that they collaborated with V.E. Schwab with called “Magic & Mayhem”! Guys, I’m not kidding when I say I was scared because of how expensive it was for me — US shipping and everything — but this box was worth every penny.


At the top of the box, there was a pouch with a quote from A Gathering of Shadows! It was created by Stella Bookish Art!


Next, there was a double-sided tote bag created by Rowa Tree — with one side for Vicious and the other for A Darker Shade of Magic!

Then there was an art print created by Victoria Ying that featured Kell and Lila, as well as a keychain and an enamel pin!


The ADSoM keychain and the Vicious pin were both created by Fable & Black.

Fable & Black also created this four London themed scarf! It’s even prettier in person.


Next, there was a layered candle created by Amelia’s Kitchen Candles. The layers were really cool, and the bergamot, cinnamon, and vanilla scent is fantastic!

Then there was a mug designed by Temporary Places inspired byΒ A Darker Shade of Magic.


There was another liquid holder, a bottle designed by Crini!


The next few items were a lot of paper products, including tarot cards, postcards, and bookmarks!

The tarot cards were created by Lorena Lammer with characters from A Darker Shade of Magic!


The postcards feature the four Londons, and they were created by Moledro Craft Co!


And the bookmarks were designed by Merwild!


The final item before the book was by far my favorite. Illumicrate designed a book sleeve inspired by Vicious and Vengeful, and I love it so much!

Finally, we’ve reached the book — Vengeful! This edition is an Illumicrate exclusive, and I cannot wait to add it to my shelf!


This edition was also signed by Victoria herself, and the naked book has a cool imprint as well! Check out those end pages.


And that’s all! I’ve never been happier with an unboxing, and I can’t wait for more boxes to do exclusive themes. I’m hopeful for some Strange the Dreamer or An Ember in the Ashes boxes to come up soon?

Until next time,


What was your favorite item from this box? What exclusive box would you love to see in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Unboxing | Illumicrate Magic & Mayhem

  1. I haven’t read any V.E. Schwab books, but like I own her ADSOM series and Vicious and seeing these Illumicrate unboxings makes me really want to! So many goodies!!! I really love the pouch and all the fanart! Everything is so stunning!!

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