Book Haul | September Book Haul

It’s time again for another haul! I tried my hardest to not buy as many this month because I know October is going to be super hard on my wallet with all the great releases. I mean, I tried…right?



I received both copies of Mirage from my Owlcrate and Fairyloot boxes, and the exclusive copy of Vengeful was in the “Magic & Mayhem” Illumicrate box! I couldn’t resist picking up An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Two Dark Reigns from work because we got signed copies in! Also, Lady Midnight was literally $4.99 plus my 30% discount, so why wouldn’t I get one? City of Ghosts, Sea Witch, and Whichwood were all some final trades that trickled in at the beginning of the month, so all in all, I didn’t spend a tremendous amount.



I was lucky enough to trade for both editions of Dark of the West as well as When We Caught Fire, both of which sound really good! I was also sent a copy of Song of the Dead by Sarah Glenn Marsh — shout out to Penguin!


And that’s all this month! Look next month for there to be at least a dozen copies of Muse of Nightmares as well as a ton of other YA books because October is a CRAZY publishing month for young adult titles.

Until next time,


What books did you purchase in the month of September? Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Book Haul | September Book Haul

  1. I also bought Vengeful in September. Cannot wait to get to it. Fingers crossed I can squeeze it in this month.

    I read City of Ghosts last month and thought it was a delightful MG read! Many people have been disappointed in it, but I don’t think people are taking into consideration that it is a MG book and NOT a YA book. You have to think about the intended audience. Enjoy!

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    1. I saw that everywhere on Goodreads! People rated it much lower than normal because it was β€œtoo fast paced” but that’s middle grade? It was strange.
      I can’t wait to get to it too!!


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