Recommendations | Spooky Halloween Reads

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to talk all about Halloween, spooky reads! October is my favorite month ever, and I can’t wait for anything Halloween related. So get ready for a series of spooky posts every week! To start, let’s talk books. I categorized my recommendations based on what I believe is the best overall “spook”, and disclaimer: I haven’t read all of these. I’m basing some of these off of synopsis alone.


Dark, Atmospheric, & Bloody


All of these books have a darker element to them — whether that be selling body parts on the black market, creepy forests with dark secrets, or ghost hunting with psychics. I personally have read The Raven Boys and Three Dark Crowns, and they’re both very atmospheric and perfect for a fall read!


Supernatural, Witchy, & Demonic


These books are perfect for fans of witchy, Halloween reads! They all feature supernatural creatures or powers, witches, and the paranormal. Some of these even feature demons and necromancy, and if that’s not spooky, I’m not sure what is! I’ve read the Mara Dyer series from this list, and I love the twisty nature of the plot and characters in those books!


Thriller, Murder, & Mystery


The books in this list all deal with murder, secrets, and death — super dark stuff. They’re all murder mysteries set in modern times, so mostly real people and realistic events. Not a lot of supernatural goings-on here! I’ve personally read There’s Someone Inside Your House which I found really intriguing.


Adult, Graphic Novels, Classics, & Middle Grade


For the last category, I threw in all the other recommendations that weren’t YA! These books feature serial killers, zombies, murder mysteries, supernatural powers, and deadly creatures! There are also some pretty well known horror genre authors, like Stephen King, Joe Hill, and H.P. Lovecraft, so any of their works would be great for this season.


And that’s all! If anyone has any recommendations for me for a fall, spooky read, let me know in the comments! Check back next Friday for another Halloween-themed post.

Until next time,


What’s your favorite Halloween read? Let me know down below!

10 thoughts on “Recommendations | Spooky Halloween Reads

  1. Great list of books here Katie!

    I would also add The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman to the MG section.

    Off this list, I’ve read The Raven Boys, This Savage Song, The Bone Witch, Frankenstein, City of Ghosts, Vicious, and Coraline. All perfect to read during October!

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