Unboxing | Litjoy Crate Dreams & Nightmares

Being the Strange the Dreamer freak that I am, I jumped on the chance to get one of these Litjoy Crate boxes! I love anything and everything Strange and Muse, and this box was beautiful.


Up first, there was a linen spray and some loose leaf tea! The spray was created by The Soap Librarian, and the tea is from Adagio Teas!

Next, there was a mug cake from Shirley J, an exclusive enamel pin and bracelet from Litjoy Crate!

Then, there was a candle and a journal! The journal was designed by Sandra Winther, and the candle is from Whiskey Diamond Candle! The little jar is super unique and I really love it!

Up next, there were five Litjoy exclusive cards created by Gabriella Bujdoso! The back design was just as beautiful.

The last item before the book was a book sleeve by Baby My Book! I really like the button at the top of the sleeve, it makes it secure and sets itself apart from other book sleeves I have. There’s also a cute little pocket on the front which is an added bonus!


Finally, the book! This edition was signed by Laini Taylor herself, and it also included an art print that had her author’s note on the back!

And that’s it! I loved everything in this box, and you bet I’ll purchase any other box if there’s the slightest mention of Strange the Dreamer!

Until next time,


What was your favorite item from this box? Let me know in the comments!

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