ABC Book Challenge | B

Hello, everyone! It’s week 2 and time for letter “B”!

*The rules for this challenge are: for each letter, you list memorable books and books you want to read that start with that letter!*


Memorable Titles That Start With “B”

I definitely haven’t read many titles that start with “B”, but the ones I have read are definitely favorites! I can’t wait for the sequels to Becoming of Noah Shaw and Beyond a Darkened Shore! I couldn’t forget Breaking Dawn either, everyone had a Twilight phase.


TBR Books That Start With “B”

Doing this challenge is just making me realize how many books I own that I haven’t read. It’s really sad that I have over double the amount of “B” TBR books than ones I’ve read. Sad, but motivating at least.


I’ll see you guys next week for “C”!

Until then,


What’s the most memorable book you read that started with the letter B? Let me know in the comments!

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