Book Haul | October Book Haul

Hello, everyone! I thought my haul from last month was quite hefty, but this month was insane. I really didn’t anticipate buying as many I did, but October was a month of amazing releases. So what else was I supposed to do?




I was sent Voyager, The Book of Magic, and Gmorning, Gnight! from Penguin Random House, and Books-A-Million had a sale for debut authors (buy one get one 50% off!), so I picked up Heretics Anonymous and Scream All Night.

And yes, there are two copies of Kingdom of Ash because Target and Books-A-Million had their own exclusive editions. I’m waiting on my Barnes & Noble edition to finally ship — don’t even get me started.

I didn’t include a few books in the photos — completely forgot to — but I also bought multiple copies of Muse of Nightmares. I had to get the UK edition with orange-red sprayed edges, but then Illumicrate sold editions of both Strange and Muse with gold and silver sprayed edges, so I got those as well. A signed US edition of Muse was included in the Litjoy Crate’s “Dreams and Nightmares” box also.

I also received a few books from subscription boxes this month! Fairyloot and Owlcrate killed it with these great releases!



I came across a great little bookstore, and inside they had a whole shelf of ARCs that customers were allowed to take! I found some great titles, a bunch that I’ve been anticipating! I was also sent Famous in a Small Town and The Lonely Dead from the publisher.



And that’s all! I’m really going to try and limit what I buy next month because good lord, I have a problem. I think working at BAM and going to signings will eventually be the death of me.

Until next time,


What books did you buy in October? Let me know in the comments below!

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