ABC Book Challenge | C

Hello, everyone! Today is Saturday, and that means it’s time for the next letter in the ABC Challenge! This time, it’s “C”!

*The rules for this challenge are: for each letter, you list memorable books and books you want to read that start with that letter!*long-page-break

Memorable Titles That Start With “C”

Stand-outs from this year are definitely Children of Blood and Bone and The Cruel Prince! I loved them both. Caraval, Cinder, and City of Bones are some older favorites for sure, I can’t forget them!


TBR Books That Start With “C”

I’ve always meant to get around to City of Brass and The Crown’s Game, but I’ve always put them on the back-burner for some reason. I definitely want to listen to the audiobook for Crown’s Game because it’s narrated by Steve West who did Strange the Dreamer – trust me when I say you want to hear his voice.


And that’s all! I’ll see you on another Saturday for the letter “D”!

Until next time,


What is your favorite book that starts with the letter “C”? Let me know in the comments down below!

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