ABC Book Challenge | D

It’s another week, so it’s time for another ABC Book Challenge! This time, it’s the letter “D”!

*The rules for this challenge are: for each letter, you list memorable books and books you want to read that start with that letter!*long-page-break

Memorable Titles That Start With “D”

So I actually haven’t read a lot of books that start with “D” apparently. I always thought there were a bunch, but this tiny list proves otherwise. I had strong feelings of dislike and confusion toward Damsel, but the rest of these went over pretty well for me.


TBR Titles That Start With “D”

I definitely have way more books that I want to read than what I have read, but what’s new? I’ve heard great things about a lot of these, so I’m excited to eventually get around to them all!


I’m slowly realizing how many books I truly have on my TBR, so I need to stop buying so many and read what I already have – said every book nerd ever.

Until next time,


What’s a book on your TBR that starts with “D”? Let me know down below!

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