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Hello, everyone! Today is Tuesday, so I thought, “Let’s do a tag!” I used to do tags every Monday, but then work got a bit crazier – stupid holiday retail work – so I cut back a bit. I’m hoping to do more in 2019 though!

For today’s tag, I thought it’d be fun to do the “Last 10” book tag. I saw this on YouTube – here’s the original creator’s video! So let’s get into the questions!


1. The last book you didn’t finish – The Lantern’s Ember by Colleen Houck


I made it like 75 pages into this one, and it wasn’t bad or anything. I stopped just because I got distracted with something else, which happens far more often that I care to admit.

2. The last book you reread – Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi


This one only came out back in March of this year, and somehow I’ve read it twice already. It was super realistic, and I feel like it’ll become one I reach for in a slump.

3. The last book you bought – Throne of Glass Collector’s Edition (UK) by Sarah J. Maas


I bought this UK edition off of Book Depository because I liked the cover of it, but now I’ve seen the US version with the slipcover – so I need them both, right?

4. The last book you said you read but didn’t

I don’t honestly have one for this one because I don’t lie about what I read. That’s a little strange!

5. The last book you wrote in the margins of

Again, no answer for this one. I don’t write in my books, and I’d be so sad if someone did.

6. The last book you had signed


I got to meet Val Emmich at a signing I went to with a friend, and he was really awesome! He even performed a song from Dear Evan Hansen too!


7. The last book you lost

I’m so paranoid about anything happening to my books, so this could never happen to me. I can’t even imagine losing a book??

8. The last book you had to replace


I don’t damage or lend out my books, so I never have to replace them. I do, however, buy different country editions of certain books I love, so I guess I’ll choose that instead? I recently bought the UK edition of City of Brass because I really loved the cover.

9. The last book you had an argument over


I can’t even tell you how disappointed I was with this movie/screenplay. I didn’t even buy this guys, and for an avid Harry Potter fan, that’s unspeakable. There were so many plot holes and inconsistencies – it was a hot mess. I argued with anyone who would listen about how much I hated it. J.K., I’m not sure what you were trying to do here.

10. The last book you couldn’t get hold of

Honestly, I’m pretty lucky, and I have access to soooo many books. I work at a bookstore, I review ARCs, and I go to conventions and signings. I think the only time there would be a book I couldn’t get is if it’s sold out.


That’s all, folks! These questions were interesting, and I apologize if I didn’t do it correctly – I can’t answer them all! Feel free to tag yourself and answer them if you want to!

Until next time,


What’s the last book you read? Let me know in the comments down below!

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