Unboxing | December Nerdypost

Hello, everyone! Today, I thought I’d unbox the December Nerdypost! The theme was “Tolkien”, so I knew I’d love every item. I’m definitely going to upgrade my subscription – Nerdypost offers multiple different subscription levels – because I just really love this company and their products! So next month’s box will have some more stuff to unbox!


Up first, there was a sticker and a magnetic bookmark. I really love the Treebeard illustration!


Next, there was an enamel pin. I’ve always loved the elf leave, so I’m excited to pin this one up!


Then, there was the double sided bookmark! Everyone gets sick of me saying it, but these bookmarks are seriously the best. Everyone should get at least one box so they can own one of these.

Every month, they include an illustrated postcard, and I really loved the font design on this one!


Lastly before the big prints, there was a smaller print of the Fellowship gang!


This month, they included two big art prints, and I’m a fan of both of them!



Next month’s theme is “Doctor Who”, and I’m super excited for that one! They’ve already released the shirt design, and I’ll get one because of my subscription upgrade! You can never have too many nerdy shirts, right?

Until next time,


Have you read The Lord of the Rings? Let me know your favorite character in the comments below!

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