Unboxing | Beacon Book Box Wicked King

Hello, everyone! I’m still here, and I’m still alive. It’s been a month of serious lack of motivation, and I’m trying my hardest to get over the Great Slump™. Until that happens, there’s always unboxing posts! I went crazy with Wicked King themed boxes, so I have yet another to unbox. This time, it’s from Beacon Book Box, and the box itself was beautiful – so definite high expectations there!


Up first, there was a candle! It was created by Spidey Scents, and it smells lovely.


Next, there a tea mix created by The Simply Bookish Co, a shower steamer created by Fairytale Bath Co, and a set of fairy lights!


Next, there was an enamel pin created by Moledro Craft Co, and it’s so pretty in person!


Next, there was a tote bag designed by Morgana O Anagrom and a pillowcase designed by SilvverArt!

Next, there was a set of 5 character cards designed by Diana Dworak! I really love the art style on these.


Lastly, there was the book! This edition was signed by Holly Black herself, and it came with a little author note as well.


That’s all! I have one final Wicked King box coming very soon – I know, I’m sad – so expect another unboxing shortly!

Until next time,



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