Book Tag | Burn, Rewrite, Reread Part II

Hello, everyone! I did this tag with Ashley last year, and it was so much fun. I wanted to revamp it and have some fun again, so here’s round two! If you’re interested in round one, go here to see our answers!

The rules are simple! I’m doing five rounds this time, so I need fifteen books to play. To randomize the books, I went to Goodreads and shuffled through my “read” shelves! For each round, you pick 3 books and decide which you would like to burn, rewrite, or reread. Simple enough, let’s go!


Round One

Burn: I’d have to burn the Kasie West, I’m sorry! I know a lot of people love her books, but they’re really just not for me.

Rewrite: I’d rewrite Giant Days because I think it’d be fun to write it in general! I don’t have many complaints with it, so it’s just a default answer really.

Reread: I’d love to reread the Mara Dyer books! I haven’t read the last Noah Shaw one, so a reread might be in the works.

Round Two

Burn: Gonna have to burn Windfall. The only Smith book I’ve really enjoyed is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, and since that one, the others fall short.

Rewrite: I think I’d rewrite Ace of Shades simply because I can’t rewrite The Wicked King any better than Holly Black wrote it.

Reread: It’s Holly Black, so definitely rereading Cardan and Jude’s trials and mishaps.

Round Three

Burn: Clearly burning As She Fades. It was trash to me, and I don’t want it to exist anymore.

Rewrite: I guess I’ll rewrite Petroff’s book simply because I can’t remember much about it at all.

Reread:  I’m for sure rereading Strange the Dreamer because hello?? It’s amazing.

Round Four

Burn: I’m burning Fantastic Beasts because the sequel ruined this whole series for me. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Rewrite: I’d rewrite Thornhill and make it darker and for an older audience. Books-A-Million puts this in their kid’s section, so I’d like to rewrite it in a way that it’d be in the regular graphic novels.

Reread: I’m rereading my guilty pleasure, When It’s Real. It’s not prolifically written by any means, but it’s entertaining as hell.

Round Five

I just want to start this grouping by saying what the hell? These are all great, and I’m mad they ended up randomly together.

Burn: If I have to burn any of them, I guess I’d burn Children of Blood and Bone. I can’t think of a good enough reason besides the fact that it ranks third among the other two series for me.

Rewrite: I guess I’ll rewrite A Torch Against the Night simply to give my baby Elias some happy endings.

Reread: I’ll reread Restore Me so I can be fresh to read Defy Me.


Feel free to tag and do these yourself! It’s super fun, and I love exploring scenarios like these. I’m tagging One More Word, The Elven Warrior, and Frayed Books!

Until next time,


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