Book Tag | RIP It or Ship It Part II

Hello, everyone! I’m feeling nostalgic and want to play the classic “RIP It or Ship It” again! It’s super fun, and I need something to distract me from life. Book characters will definitely do that!

How you play is this: You write down 20 book characters on slips of paper and put them into a cup. Then you pick two at a time at random and that’s your couple. Now decide, do you want to R.I.P. that couple and say “no way, that would so not work out”, or do you want to ship that couple?

There are ten rounds, so let’s go!


Round One

Copy of Rhysand

This would be horrible. Jude is so headstrong and stubborn, and Cinder is so selfless. Jude would walk all over Cinder, and that’s not okay with me.

Round Two

Copy of Rhysand-2

I ship this HARD for two reasons. One: They’d make one attractive couple. Two: Seeing Thorne annoy the hell out of Warner would be hysterical. Also, they both go by their last names, so they’re already cute.

Round Three

Copy of Rhysand-3

Minya is pretty horrible for the most part, and I don’t want to ship her with anyone really. Especially Peter, because he’s a little puppy.

Round Four

Copy of Rhysand-4.png

Um, this was fate, and if Sabaa Tahir messes with fate in the last book, I’m pretty sure the world will implode. These are my babies, and I want them to just be happy dammit.

Round Five

Copy of Rhysand-5

Finch definitely needs someone to look after him, and Scarlett is definitely a mom-like character. They’d suit each other nicely.

Round Six

Copy of Rhysand-6

Nope, not at all. Sarai is too innocent and sweet for Cardan’s bad boy ways.

Round Seven

Copy of Rhysand-7

Noah is so devoted and sweet, he’d take super good care of Tella.

Round Eight

Copy of Rhysand-8

These two would butt heads constantly. They both are way too dominant, and it’d never work.

Round Nine

Copy of Rhysand-9

These two are as sweet as the baked goods I’m sure Lara would make for Lazlo every day.  He’d read her stories from the library while she baked, and they’d be adorable 24/7.

Round Ten

Copy of Rhysand-10.png

I’m down for this one. They’re both strong characters, but they both also seem to know when to rely on others and not crumble under the pressure of being alone.


Do you agree with any of my choices? I’m curious to know what you all think!

Until next time,




6 thoughts on “Book Tag | RIP It or Ship It Part II

  1. Okay I think that Cardan needs to stay away from my sweet Sarai and if anyone besides Sarai dates Lazlo it’s going to be me, so back off Lara Jean. And I actually grew to love Minya and think that Peter might wind up bringing out the nicer parts of her, but it’s not a match I would have predicted.

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