Book Tag | Kiss, Marry, Cliff Part II

Hello, everyone! This month’s tags are basically me doing a lot of reminiscing, so I thought I’d bring back another favorite: Kiss, Marry, Cliff! I love doing these kinds of fun tags!

How I did this tag was I put my Goodreads “read” shelf on random. As I would refresh the page, I took the first book on the list and found it on my actual bookshelf (if I still had it and if it’s something I could use— for instance, poetry books would not work), then I opened it to a random page and the first character’s name I saw went into the current grouping. This was a great deal of fun, so without further ado, here it is!


Round One


Kiss: Scarlett I guess, even though she’s not really my favorite.

Marry: Victor, 100%. He’s the sweetest “bad guy” ever.

Cliff: Marko, for reasons I won’t spoil here for you.

Round Two


Kiss:  I’ll kiss Feyre, but I feel like she’d get mad about it.

Marry: I’ll marry Maxon because he’s just adorable, and he’d be a great husband.

Cliff: Bye, Scarlet. I don’t really care much for you.

Round Three


Kiss: I’d kiss Feral because he’s not really husband material.

Marry: I’ll marry Josh because he’s a sweetheart, and he’s artistic, which I love.

Cliff: Good riddance to Helene, I really don’t like her character.

Round Four


Kiss: I’ll kiss Ruby, I don’t want to marry her and take her away from Liam.

Marry: This one is super easy, Clark. I feel like I just keep picking the sweet, nerdy guys to marry, but guys, that’s my type.

Cliff: This one is also super easy, Locke can go away forever.

Round Five


Kiss: I’ll kiss Peter because if I marry him, Lara Jean would come for me.

Marry: I want to marry Eli because he’s a tortured soul, and I can relate.

Cliff: I’m sorry, Mustang. I can’t kill Eli or Peter, so you’re just getting cliffed by default.


That’s all, folks. Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments, and play this for yourself! It’s highly entertaining.

Until next time,


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