Unboxing | September 2020 Owlcrate

Hello, everyone! As soon as I found out that September’s Owlcrate was going to be their spooky box for the year, I immediately reactivated my account. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a house I can actually decorate this year or what, but I’m in an extra fall/Halloween decor mode. I also knew what the book was going to be because of the hints given, and I really wanted a copy of it!

The theme was “A Glorious Haunting”, and I was super satisfied with everything in this box.

Up first, there was an incredibly soft blanket with The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe on it. I really love the design of this (props to Michelle Grey), and did I mention it was hella soft?

Next, there was a candle, a lip balm, and the monthly enamel pin. The candle was designed by Novelly Yours, and it’s Hocus Pocus themed. The lip balm was made by Fiction Bath Co. and it’s pumpkin spice flavored – count me the hell in. The enamel pin was designed by The Pickety Witch, and I love the tie-in to the novel!

Then there was a set of spoons designed by the team at Owlcrate, and they were inspired by The Bone Houses.

The last item before the book was an enamel bookmark made by Lapels and Spells with a ouija board DNF theme.

And lastly, the book this month was…

Horrid by Katrina Leno! The cover of this one intrigued me first, but when I heard that it’s a spooky tale with ghosts and mental health, I knew I needed a copy. I’m not gonna lie, I think I do prefer the black flowers on the original cover to Owlcrate’s exclusive red ones. But, I still like this cover, and I like that it’s a signed edition with artwork on the reverse side of the dust jacket.

The theme for next month is “Legends and Lore”, and I’m not convinced on getting it yet. I may skip a month, I’m not sure. I do like the artwork of the artist that will be featured though.

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Unboxing | September 2020 Owlcrate

  1. I was disappointed to find out the spoons were mass produced. I don’t mind their inclusion but the lie that they were “inspired” by something made me a little salty. I’ve been disappointed by OC since the new curator took over…but I still keep buying it.

    That said overall this is probably the best book of the year so far. I’m SO HAPPY about the lip balm and the candle. I love consumables ❀


  2. I was so sad cause I bought Horrid at B&N two days before I got the box so I have two editions of it now, but I agree, I like the black flowers better. I think dark purple would have looked better and match the vibe but oh well!


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