Hello, 2021 | 2020 Reading Survey

Hello, everyone! The dreadful year of 2020 has finally come to an end, and 2021 is upon us. I know in the past I’ve said I was going to get back on track and regularly read/post on this blog and my Instagram, but this time I truly mean it. I have a reading planner and tons of notes on my phone with post ideas. I mean business this year, so hold me accountable! You’d think being a Capricorn I would be more productive, whoops.

I could waste time talking about my 2020 failures, but let’s talk about more positive things: the books I did end up reading. I recently watched a video on Kayla’s BookTube channel – watch it here! – where she answered some quick questions about her reading habits this year. I felt inspired, so all of the questions I’m about to answer are from her and her video!

1. How many books did you read in 2020?

2020 was by far my worst reading year I’ve had in a long time. Sadly, I only got around to reading 10 books the whole year.

2. How many pages?

3,868 pages.

3. Most read genre?

Honestly is it lame to just say fiction? I read 2 YA, 3 romance, 2 mystery thrillers, 1 fantasy, 1 literary fiction, and 1 graphic novel. I guess romance then?

4. Favorite 2020 release?

Definitely The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, no contest.

5. Favorite older title you read in 2020?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it an “older” title – it came out in 2019 – but I’d say Serpent & Dove. That one was a really entertaining story.

6. A book that lived up to the hype?

Addie LaRue. I put so much hope in that book, and I’m so glad it was my favorite.

7. A book that didn’t live up to the hype?

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Everyone loves Reid’s books, but honestly I didn’t find this one that interesting.

8. Biggest reading accomplishment?

Probably getting through the amount of books I did, which is sad considering I didn’t read a lot. The one I didn’t think I’d get through was My Dark Vanessa, but that was purely because of the subject

9. Favorite character?

Is it boring to say Addie LaRue? I loved her so much.

10. Least favorite character?

I reread Twilight, and I’d forgotten how much Bella annoyed me the first time around.

11. Book with the most surprising moment?

Probably Home Before Dark by Riley Sager. I love twisty endings, and this one definitely lived up to that.

12. Favorite writing of the year?

Hands down V.E. Schwab. Her writing is so beautiful, I could read literally anything she writes.

13. The book you pushed the most people to read?

In order to not constantly answer with Addie LaRue, I’ll say My Dark Vanessa for this one. I made my mom read it, and she made her friends read it too.

14. The book you’ll be recommending the most?

Annoyingly so, Addie LaRue. One of the best stories I’ve read to date.

15. Favorite newly discovered author?

I’d really like to read more from Kate Elizabeth Russell. Her writing was haunting, and My Dark Vanessa stuck with me for months.

16. Favorite cover?

I really like the creepy vibes that Home Before Dark gives off, I’m a sucker for a ghost story.

17. Book that made you cry the most?

Addie LaRue, I bawled like a baby.

18. Book that made you laugh the most?

Probably Serpent & Dove? Lou is truly hysterical.

19. Favorite re-read?

Well the only reread I did in 2020 was Twilight, so I guess that has to be it.

20. Most surprising 5 star read?

Unfortunately, the only book I gave a 5 star rating to was Addie LaRue, but it wasn’t surprising for me.

And that’s all, folks. Here’s to 2021 and a regular posting schedule! In all honesty, I’m hoping 2021 brings me better motivation to do the things I love, so I’ll hopefully have more content coming your way.

Until next time,

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