Life Update 2.0

Hello, everyone! It’s me, your terribly inconsistent book blogger, Katie. 2020 has been a YEAR, everyone is fully aware of this. I had a decent amount of life changes at the beginning of the year, and then a quarantine and a worldwide pandemic hit. Talk about timing, amirite? I thought it might make sense to … More Life Update 2.0

Taking a Break

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you all have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately. There isn’t one specific reason behind that – more like a bunch of different, smaller reasons. I figured I’d come on here and at least try to explain the hiatus. The last year has been a bit rough for me. Mental … More Taking a Break

Life Update

Hello, everyone. Long time, no see. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, I’m actually here, and this post is 100% legit. I’ve sat at my laptop countless times trying to figure out how to type this up, and I keep coming up short. I’ve never really encountered anything like what I’ve experienced these last … More Life Update

Conversations | A Guide to Surviving Book Conventions

Hello, guys! In case you’ve missed it, Ashley and I have been posting some Conversations pieces in hopes of giving some helpful tips and tricks for every book lover — attending author events, unhauling unused/old books, and using the #booksfortrade tag on Twitter. The week of BookExpo and BookCon is now upon us, and I … More Conversations | A Guide to Surviving Book Conventions